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Helpful Information: Hot Cow Application Tips

Keep the Tags Warm and Dry
Winter is a difficult season for heat detection due to cold and often wet conditions. The tags need to be at about body temperature for the adhesive to be at its optimum. Store them in a warm, dry location. Before application, warm them by placing in an insulated bag with a hot water bottle or by using a hot air heater or hair dryer. Some farmers place the packs on the dashboard of the farm ute or on the dairy hot water service. Warming them up before application will significantly improve retention.

Avoid Damp or Wet Cows
The tags need a dry coat to stick properly. If you get caught out on a wet day or the cows are damp from a dewy morning, use an old towel to dry the application site. Once the tags have been applied they will withstand wet weather.

Do Not Use Clippers
The tags need long hair to stick well. If the cow is losing their winter coat, brush the application site in the direction of the hair with a rubber curry comb, but do not stir up the scale from the skin. Use the tack cloth to remove dust and debris from the hair.

Rub the Patch into the Coat
After you have placed the tag on the application site, place your palm over the tags and give it a good rub for five to 10 seconds. This will not damage the silver coating and will create a stronger bond.

Avoid Touching the Adhesive Tag
When peeling off the backing paper, avoid touching the sticky side, as the oil on you hands will reduce the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Enjoy these resources that we have
found especially useful.

This article from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs gives tips and reports on research that will help improve your chances of successful heat detection.

The Iowa Beef Center Web site gives helpful insights and graphs.

The Essential Guide to Calving: Giving Your Beef or Dairy Herd a Healthy Start by Heather Smith Thomas walks you through how to care for your cattle during the calving process without full reliance on a vet. Read excerpts of the book by this link.

Check out the Dairy Industry Association of Australia where you will find frequent events and news updates.

Visit Beef Australia Ltd. They plan and host Beef Expos, including one coming up in 2012. 


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